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The Veldkamp spirit

Veldkamp can provide various services to every industrial sector. We can provide technical support, carry out overhauls, relocate production facilities, work with control technology, and carry out special construction and maintenance. We can visit you at your site to help you out as necessary. For example, if a part of a machine breaks, one of our service technicians can visit you to replace or repair the part. We’re also happy to help you if you are relocating to a new site. We offer a turnkey service; disassembly, transport and installation of your machines.

Together with our team of highly-motivated technical specialists, we offer comprehensive mechanical and control engineering solutions, including any necessary inspections, maintenance, technical updates and reduction of machine malfunctions.


Veldkamp is known for its excellent service and quality. Our technicians and specialists have all the appropriate certifications and experience. We know what we’re talking about, we’re flexible and can adapt when necessary. Thanks to our broad technical expertise, we can take care of the mechanics and control systems of the most complex machines. No challenge is too big for us, we don’t compromise and the word ‘no’ is seldom heard at Veldkamp. We also attach great importance to safety, which is why we have been SCC certified since 2015.


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