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Service level agreement

Higher machine availability with lower maintenance costs… Veldkamp proves that it’s possible!

Optimising machine availability and OEE is in our blood. We work together with our customers on determining interactively what maintenance, overhaul or repairs are required. This usually involves a combination of interventions at periodic intervals and annual inspections as agreed in a service level agreement (SLA).

Often, such agreements already exist with the OEM of the respective machine or plant. However, this is not necessary at all. Sometimes, it’s amazing how much can be improved in terms of availability and OEE by engaging an independent third party; Veldkamp is such a partner, whose sole objective and passion is maintenance and OEE.

Veldkamp’s employees possess this professional expertise. An SLA supports this process. This process begins with the development of maintenance concepts and the ensuing maintenance plans, but also includes analyses of maintenance and malfunctions, and devising improvement proposals with the right priorities. Our mission is to maximise the service life of your machinery.

Possibilities in an SLA:

  • Preventive inspections
  • Corrective breakdown service 24/7
  • Major and minor maintenance
  • Reports, analyses and consultancy
  • Processing of malfunction history in ERP
  • Stock and management of spare parts
  • In-house production of spare parts
  • Predictable maintenance
  • and/or any other bespoke work…

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