Maintenance 2.0

“Less maintenance, more efficiency”. The challenge for every maintenance department!Veldkamp offers regular maintenance and machine upgrades, as well as preventive replacement of parts to avoid corrective maintenance, down time and panic.

Maintenance 2.0

 Veldkamp’s maintenance 2.0

Nowadays, maintenance is not just about technical matters, it is also about the financial-economic importance of your machinery; How could your machinery contribute to the profit target of your company? The mindset has to change, the time of reactive maintenance, piles of work orders and “just” investing in new machinery is far behind us.

Determining exactly what maintenance is required per machine is a difficult task. Maintenance is a form of risk management. “Which risks are acceptable?” Veldkamp’s Maintenance 2.0 may support you during this process. A process that begins with the development of maintenance concepts along with the resulting maintenance plans. But also analysing failures and setting up proposals for improvement, including the correct priorities. And most importantly, securing and monitoring the maintenance process in a maintenance management system.

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