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Relocation of machinery

“Let us relocate your machinery with minimal downtime, inconvenience and production loss”

Relocating machinery is a complex task. How do we use the time as efficiently as possible, and minimise downtime? Which parties should we engage for disassembly and assembly, for transportation and for reinstalling the machinery? From stopping the production line to operational delivery at the new location, along with any modifications, we’re the people to turn to for all your short-term and long-term projects!

We can arrange relocation of your production line(s) both within the Netherlands and worldwide. Veldkamp has been relocating machinery for decades, including all the ancillary systems such as compressed air systems, lubrication systems and hoisting and lifting devices. Veldkamp arranges every aspect of the relocation, from beginning to end. Veldkamp pays considerable attention to drawing up a detailed plan, including a time schedule, before it is actually implemented. Veldkamp takes care of all technical and logistics processes, including the disassembly, transport and reinstallation of your machinery and ancillary systems.


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