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New construction, conversion and commissioning of machines and modules

We can adjust your machinery so it produces more smoothly, quickly and reliably than before”

Veldkamp really enjoys getting a machine or entire system running more smoothly, quickly and reliably than before. This can be achieved by converting, tuning or optimising the machine. There are many solutions in this respect; making parts lighter, reducing distances in a machine, making parts heavier and more robust, or adjusting and optimising the control system.

All the disciplines required for this are available in-house at Veldkamp, including our own control system department with hardware and software engineers. If a part has to be adapted, we usually make it ourselves in our workshop. We have our own machining equipment, a spray booth, assembly workshop and welding booth. This work is also carried out on location, where we can also realise the final installation if desired.

Machinelijn fabriek upgrade - Veldkamp Raalte

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