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We’re a careful, innovative, reliable and sustainable family business, which our colleagues, customers, business partners and suppliers can rely on. Continuity is the priority with everything we do. Our continuity is determined by the quality of our work.

This includes the engineering aspects. Our engineers work on developing and improving mechanical products, devices and machines. This involves addressing aspects such as calculation of the movement, service life, energy consumption and last but not least safety.

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Jarco Grotenhuis
Technical Sales Manager
+31 (0) 6 48 19 34 91

New cases


Tomato paste dumping machine

Tomato paste dumping machine The tomato paste dumping machine was developed to wring a sealed…



Stacker The machine is designed to stack tin sheets exiting a drying oven. The stacked…


Certified burner control

Certified burner control In cooperation with our partners, we build and combine the burner, gas…

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