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If you’re looking to manufacture a new product, or your production line needs to be arranged differently, or you want to extend the service life of a machine or production line by optimising or overhauling it, Veldkamp has engineers available with experience in similar issues. You can leave the pre-engineering to us, but we can also carry out the conversion work for you. Veldkamp has professionals available for mechanical, electrical and control technology modifications. We can visit you to map out your requirements and devise a proposal to adapt your machine or production line. We coordinate the planning with you to limit downtime as much as possible, in order to minimise production loss.

Our engineering department employs a team of specialists with expertise in project management, design and construction.

At the customer’s request, this team can participate in the engineering process at various levels; from checking the manufacturability of products and supervising the manufacturing process to devising, designing, calculating and developing complex customer-specific machines and equipment from scratch.


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