Selecting the appropriate controls for your machines is a critical decision, especially since major differences exist between the numerous control systems.


The Veldkamp automation department fully analyses the circumstances under which your machines operate in order to determine which controls are most appropriate. Factors such as: what is the workload of the machine, how often does it operate at full capacity and does it run 24/7 are always taken into consideration when deciding what control system is most suitable.

We offer upgrades for conventional control systems, PLCs, touchscreens, motion control and servo-driven systems.

Our engineers will discuss the hardware-engineering with you but also other important issues such as preparation, panel mounting, wiring, testing and fine-tuning. Moreover, Veldkamp may support your company acting as system integrator, automating and synchronising communication between various machines of a production line. Naturally, short changeover times, higher production rates and tighter tolerances are key within this process.