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Tomato paste dumping machine

The tomato paste dumping machine was developed to wring a sealed bag of paste from a BIN (wooden crate), using a tipper and two rollers above a funnel. A pump then forces the paste into the processing line.

The tomato paste dumping machine is controlled by a PLC. All movements are completed by the PLC in a programmed sequence.

A full BIN is correctly placed on the supply track by a forklift. Then a button is pressed next to the conveyor, so the system knows a BIN has been loaded. If there is no full or empty BIN on the roller conveyors, the full BIN is transported to the lifting conveyor, which is in the lowest position. The lifting conveyor then takes over the BIN by rising again, and transports it to the tipper. The tipper tips the bag of paste from the BIN onto the square shafts of the paste wringer. These shafts rotate and move the bag towards the pinch rollers. In the meantime, the bag has already been pre-rolled by the pressure rollers. The bag in front of the pinch rollers waits until the funnel is empty and requests to be filled again. In the meantime, the tipper puts the empty BIN back on the roller conveyor, where it’s transported to the ‘Empty BINS track’. When the funnel requests more paste, the bag is wrung by the rollers.

For this process, we developed:

  • Roller Conveyor SS
  • Tipper
  • Paste wringer
  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Collision protection
  • Electrical box


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