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The machine is designed to stack tin sheets exiting a drying oven. The stacked sheets can be removed from the machine on the output side of the stacker by a forklift. The settings of this stacker can be adjusted to the different shapes and sizes of the sheets, within certain limits.

The stacker, which is installed behind the remover of the oven, consists of the following elements:

  1. Intermediate transport
  2. Double stacker
  3. Roller conveyor
  4. Turntable
  5. Pallet lift

The intermediate transport takes over the sheets from the remover of the oven, and transports them into the double stacker. The double stacker has two repositories where sheets can be stacked. When sheets are stacked in repository 1, the pallet can be changed in repository 2. The full pallets are transported from the stacker via the roller conveyor. The pallets are rotated 90 degrees on the turntable and are then taken over by the lifting table. The pallet can be lifted to the desired height on the pallet lift and can then be strapped.


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