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A customer in the canning industry commissioned us to modernise 3 palletisers.

They were using 3 old palletisers, which were all completely different,

and were looking for solutions for the following functions:

  • Form cans into a pattern on the supply conveyor
  • Slide a complete pattern of cans onto the pallet
  • Pick & place a tier sheet
  • Separate tier sheets so they do not stick together.

The following modules were developed for this:

  • Pattern Former

The cans are placed in the pattern former in different rows from the mass conveyor, and are released at just the right moment by pneumatic cylinders. The rows are constantly moved back and forth by a drive, creating a pattern. The can at the front of the row is stopped briefly each time until the movement has reached the correct position.

  • Can Carrier

This is a sliding system for cans, which can push 1 complete pattern of cans onto a pallet. Previously, fixed side guides were used, but this caused a lot of scratches on the cans. Now, the can is locked in a “carriage”, then pushed onto a pallet. The other cans are held in place on the mass conveyor by a pin beam.

  • Tier Sheet Pick & Place

A stable system with vacuum that can pick up a tier sheet from a pile and place it on a pallet.

  • Seperator

This module was developed to support the Tier Sheet Pick & Place This unit prevents multiple tier sheets being picked up by the Pick & Place unit at the same time. It briefly holds back the underlying sheet.