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Overhaul of a Galdi RG250 filling machine

A customer in Israel gave us the assignment to overhaul a Galdi RG250 pack filling machine. The customer had purchased this machine in Poland so it could use it for its own production, but the machine had to be overhauled first. Veldkamp offered a complete overhaul,

but this was beyond the customer’s budget. After brainstorming with the customer, we decided to have an inspection carried out by our filling machine specialists in cooperation with one of the customer’s specialists. This extensive inspection allowed us to determine which specific parts needed replacing to get the machine running perfectly again.

All the rotating parts were disassembled, and completely rebuilt without tension or play. During the overhaul, our technicians solved some unforeseen defects in the machine. They were able to repair these parts, so there was no need to buy new ones.

The Galdi RG250 is a filling machine that forms folded packaging into milk cartons. During this process, the cap is also glued into the carton, and then the carton is filled. As a final step, the carton is sealed.

After the overhaul of the Galdi, it was re-adjusted for production. Here, our technicians used the same type of cartons that the customer is using, so the customer can quickly start using the machine on delivery. The customer went to Raalte to collect the filling machine, and was very satisfied with Veldkamp’s work.

All in all, a great overhaul project that has resulted in a smooth running machine and a satisfied customer.


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