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Certified burner control

In cooperation with our partners, we build and combine the burner, gas train and air train into compact control lines. These can easily be placed in the connecting pipework.

In comparable conversions of furnace installations, we were able to reduce gas consumption by 10 to 15%. Gas consumption is reduced and efficiency increased thanks to both the burner and optimisation of the control process and air management in the furnace installation.

All burners are standardised according to NEN-EN 676, and possess CE conformity marks. Each burner unit is fitted as standard with a separate air pressure monitor, a MultiBloc gas block, which consists of a gas filter, a double gas valve and a gas pressure monitor.

We can take care of the installation, commissioning and EBI (first special inspection) scope 5 of this system.

We can build the control system for the burners by incorporating it in a safe PLC. This PLC can handle the release, safety and PID control circuits of the burner control system. We can easily combine this control system with other UPnovation control systems, such as EDS, EAS, SYN, etc.

It is also easy to integrate with an existing control system.

A clear and well-organised control system is created by entering safe limits. These can be used to conduct a clear malfunction analysis, as malfunctions can be logged.

Some examples of safe limits that can be monitored:

  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Maximum temperature
  • Rotation monitoring of the fans
  • Gas pressure

The safety zoning of the gas train is easy to separate.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Rapid conversion of the existing gas train
  • 10 to 15% savings in energy consumption
  • Monoblock control (simplicity)
  • EBI scope 5
  • Logging of the current temperature/setpoint and control value possible
  • Communication with parent systems possible
  • Energy control possible


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