About us

Veldkamp was established in 1988 by Wim Veldkamp, since then Veldkamp has grown to become an important player in the technical service industry with over 70 employees.

Before founding the company Wim Veldkamp worked for “Thomassen & Drijver”, which was an important player in the can industry at that time. Wim worked as a service mechanic, serving European clients. During his work he often noticed that production processes for cans could be programmed much smarter and more efficient.

His mother told him: “show the world what you think you can do”. Wim seized this opportunity and built Veldkamp until it became the full service provider it is nowadays.

Ready for the future

Meanwhile Veldkamp has grown to become a full service provider for the entire packaging industry. The second generation has taken over the daily management of the company, showing the same passion and courage as Wim Veldkamp did. No challenge is too great, no compromises are made and “no” is a word you would not hear very often at Veldkamp. Passion for technology is what we stood for and what we will always stand for.