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Our specialists offer the following services:

Veldkamp’s technical support will increase the performance and continuity of your production lines.

Technical support

Doesn’t your machinery meet the requirements of your customers anymore? Discuss with the Veldkamp specialists what modifcation and/or re-manufacturing options exist for your machines.

Modifications & overhauls

Veldkamp takes care of all technical and logistic processes for relocating production lines. Including: dismantling, transporting and reinstalling.

Production relocation

Selecting the appropriate controls for your machines is a critical decision, especially since major differences exist between the numerous control systems.


Nowadays, maintenance is not just about technical matters, it is also about the financial-economic importance of your machinery; How could your machinery contribute to the profit target of your company?

Maintenance 2.0

Our engineers can develop appropriate solutions for virtually any situation.


The Veldkamp workshop is fully equipped. This enables us to rapidly support your company, which prevents production downtime.

Our specialists are available whenever you need them.

Partnership in excellence

Together with our team of highly motivated technical specialists, we offer mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, technical inspections, maintenance, upgrades, overhauls and error reductions.

Successful K-Messe

Successful K-Messe in Dusseldorf, together with Dupatech!

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Veldkamp introduces Maintenance 2.0

“Less maintenance, more efficiency”. Do you want this too? The challenge for every maintenance department!...

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